Checklist and More Ramblings

 I'm an organization freak and must have everything in order.  I think the reason why I need to be organized is because I get side tracked very easily and lose focus on the goal.  I always try to do about 8 things at one time. 

I'm keeping a list of things that I need to do around the house.  My goal is to stay on target.  Not only will it help me focus on what I need to do but it will also keep my budget in tact. 

Things I need to do Around the House (April  - August):
  1. Gardening (that should have a list on it's own)
  2. Make Headboard and lumbar pillow for bedroom
  3. Repair lights in kitchen
  4. Install planters in office doorway
  5. Buy more artwork!
  6. Buy new kitchen faucet with spray hose feature

Things I need to do Around the House (September - December)
  1. Clean up patio garden
  2. Make an attempt to make a ottoman pouf
  3. Purge canned goods and ottoman collection
  4. Shampoo area rug 

Curb spending on clothing:
  1. Stop looking sites like,,, etc....
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