Monday, November 29, 2010

Dream-like Galaxy

I love these pendant light shades, by Moonbasket which was started by Cape Town designer and artist Dani Le Roy. It aims to both support a community-based project and create beautiful items for living spaces.  I'm a novice crochetier (I don't even know the correct term!) but I'm doubtful I would be able to gain the skill to replicate these.

Having a couple of these gorgeous shades in my home would make me feel like I'm in an ethereal galxaxy.



Friday, November 26, 2010

Mind is wandering, so is the eye

I'm working late but have nothing to do.  So, naturally, my mind starts drifting off into the world of home decor.  These are from Fullhouse Consignment, a great consignment store with a great selection of mid century furniture.  I bought my pendant lamp there for a great deal.  Too bad I have to leave it there for the new owners of my apartment. These little side tables are just a bit too pricey for me.  Sigh.Sigh.Sigh

At the same time, however, since I'm getting the Eames inspired chairs with wooden legs, it might be better of that I pass on them.  It would look too busy with all the rods of metal on the ground. 

Every day I'm hustling

I'm pretty sure that I got this from my parents.  They put three kids through university on lower than average incomes by making wise decisions on the stock market and real estate.  They taught us to live on less and if we wanted something there is always a way to get it without paying full price.

Now that I'm planning my move, I'm trying to sell of as much of the stuff I don't want in order to fund the new stuff that I do want.  I'm making lists of DIY projects and constantly adjusting my budget and shopping list.

So far, I've sold my bed, which will pay for over 60% of my new bed.  That's usually my magic number.  If I buy something, I need to sell something that will make up 60% of the new expensive purchase.  I'm an avid consignor of clothing and the exercise not only helps me clear out space but save money and reduce my carbon footprint.

Selling this:
Gets me these chairs and 2 stools from

I sold this Louis Vuitton Mini Ribera (it was just too small for me):

And bought this bed from Ikea:
and found two underbed drawers for $12 dollars each!

I'm going to have to change those awful handle pulls and get black contact paper or paint them. Major score!

I also sold my patio set (which I will miss because it was the perfect modular patio set.ever).  I'm saving the money for a sideboard, which I hope that I can find on Craigslist for under $100.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Changes happening with the speed of light

I'm excited that I've sold my current apartment. But now I'm consumed with thoughts about interior design, floor plans, open houses, financing, etc. etc. etc.  I haven't found a new place to live yet but I'm keeping my eyes open.

Every time I come home, I look around with pride and a bit of sadness because I'll have to say goodbye to my first home very soon.  So before I start going into my ramblings on what I want to buy and what I need to do, I'm going to pay homage to the place I called home for almost two years.

I have wonderful real estate agents.  Here are some pictures that they took of my place.  90 % of my furniture came from Craigslist and I either hacked it up or re-furbished them.  There's nothing a bit of spray paint, contact paper and ingenuity can't do.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll go through each of my favourite pieces.