Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heading off to San Francisco!

Oh the excitment!  I'm heading off to San Francisco for 5 days. I have a couple of interviews lined up and I can't wait to meet these people and learn more about their ventures (and adventures).

Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gardening - August 2011

I had to make room for a new bbq. It is not unlike me to garden at night. I've had some continued failures:

-Lettuce (I should have re-planted new ones. They started looking pretty sad.
-Lobelia (I continue to have problems with them. They just seem to shrivel up and die or get a bit out of control and then die. What gives!)
-Verbena (Aphids love the heck out of these guys and it was causing too much trouble to the neighboring plants. Out you go)
-Purple Petunia (I had to get rid of it. It had shriveled up and I suspect that the container had gotten too small for its root system)

But enough about the failures... I'm very proud of how it's come along. There were certainly challenges this year. The cold and wet weather stunted the growth of my tomatoes and peppers but they are coming along and if the weather sticks around for 6-8 weeks I'll have lovely Romas and Italian sweet red peppers. I already have some cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.

The basil and anise plants have done well, and this is impressive considering how terrible our weather was in June and July. This is the first year I've planted petunias and begonias and I've been very pleased. I will try some fancier ones next year.

If you have any advice on how to successful care for Lobelias, please drop my a line!

Upside Tomato planters - The cherry tomato plant is a bit leggy.  I should have pinched the tops.  The Romas are finally growing as are the Italian sweet red peppers. more sun, please!!!!!

My sister joked that my patio will fall apart due to the weight of vegetation.  I have trouble getting around when I water the plants.  There could be worse things - like an Aphid infestation.

Petunias and begonias rock.

Everybody, meet my BBQ.  The Weber Q200 - it's terrific. 

Most of the petunia flowers are on the other side basking in the warm sun.

Mesclun and kale.  The Mesclun are a very needy bunch for water. 
The Hanging Gardens of Pam

To see all the rest of the photos, please visit the album page.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Airstreams and Caravans - travelling in retro style

I am not a huge 'road trip' type of gal.  I've gone camping plenty of times and I drove 90% of the way to San Fran once (never, again).  I certainly don't like to rough it.  However....

Lately, all I see are these cool little airstreams, all decked out or luxed out.  I could certainly do a road trip if I was set up in one of these guys.  It reminds me of a Faberge egg.

mmmmm, a bit gaudy, no????

Curb Service

One of my favourite re-do's is the Curb Service Airstream for the terrific boutique, Adelante, in Austin Texas.  You can book them for your special event and sip on drinks while doing a little shopping with friends. This would be like a little dream come true for me. The online store is also spectacular.

In keeping with their retro style and love for vintage decor, the Curb Service Airstream is fitted with bright colours and maximizes the space in every way possible.

I should also mention the little cutie named "Constance". Loved and owned by Lucy and Steven Lord of Snail Trail Campervans, this 1957 VW Sprint Caravan is decorated with girlishness and retro love.  Strawberry Shortcake would love to live in these digs.

'Constance' - Courtesy of Piccadilly Market
Courtesy of Ink Caravan
Courtesy of Bliss in Images

Courtesy of Ink Caravan

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up and Coming Project - Sticky Note Wall Mural for Galaxion

I've received my first "commission'.  I'll be making a sticky note wall mural for my bf's ode to video games and music. His labour of love is called Galaxion, where he turns a night club into an arcade.  People do a little dance to the handsome DJ's tunes, have a couple of drinks (or several - if you're so inclined), play some games and talk some trash (while getting trashed - HAR HAR, I kill me!).

What to expect:  Vintage arcade games, cool chicks and dudes, 80s Pop, New Wave, Punk, Retro Electro,   Old School, the occasional 8-bit and 80s inspired faves

Where:  Club 23
When:   September 17th
Time:    9:00 pm - 3:00 am
Cost:     Free before 10 pm, $8 thereafter

Join the group to learn more:  Galaxion Facebook Page

So I have to come up with some ideas for this wall.  Since the theme of the night is racing (they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Outrun) I should do something similar to the event poster.  Here are some pics from some of the previous nites:

Me and Trish @ Galaxion - Turning Japanese Edition.  Me in my Harajuku Girl meets Minnie Mouse outfit.

Me and DJ Manos (BF) at the Galaxion - Computer Blue, Tribute to Prince Edition

See ya there!

Post It Note Murals

I've been getting so inspired by wall art, lately.  As I was lookie looing here and there I stumbled across this image and was amazed to find out that it was made completely by Post It Notes:

A wall filled with Post-it notes at Valtech - Photo by Peter Hellberg

Sure, this won't last forever and the colour will fade but it sure is a fun way to create your own pop art. 

This pic is from a couple years back in 2007.  Post Typography's Bruce Willen designed and completed this project for Metropolis Magazine's HOME Exhibition along with a small number of graphic design firms to create art out of every day products.
Courtesy of Shelterpop

The Students at Apex Art School in North Carolina created several murals of celebrities and movie characters which adorned the walls of their hallways.  They've also included a "how-to" guide for all of you who are curious.

All photos courtesy of Apex High School Blog
I love this patchwork post it note "wall quilt".  Artist Adrian Wallett requested that his fellow artists from around the globe send him a little trinket in the form of some art on a sticky note and put them together as one large piece.
Courtesy of Bella DeChanel's Photo Stream
I found this picture in my search and I wonder if they actually used his art display as an album cover or if this is just a photoshop pic.  Either way, it's pretty cool.
Many of the artists who contributed to this art display are part of a PINAP - Post it Note Art Posse.  More about this group on a later date.
All pictures from Apex High school

Paint by Number Wall Mural

Remember these?

How about this?
Bob Ross Paint by Number Kit - Serious cool factor

Okay, so they aren't the coolest things but you wanna know what is?  Painting by number kits for wall murals.  I would love to borrow a projector and make my own print and trace it on the wall to make a large scale decal of my own.  I got plans, my friend.

It takes a lot of patience but the end result is quite stunning.  Here are a couple of examples from some clever folks.

Scott and Cheryl from Michigan used the projector and transparency method.  They made a colour copy of a painting that they got from ebay on to a transparency and projected the image on their wall.  I can only imagine how hot it must get at times!

Scott from Michigan working dilgently on his wall mural (pictures from Design Sponge)

Yowza!  8 month of hard work certainly paid off.  Nice couch.  (pictures from Design Sponge)

Curtis Robertson has done several of these paint by number kits for his clients and entered one of his designs for the Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge.   Here are some pics of the process:
Start with a grid
Scale the image on the wall and assign the numbers for the colours

Hug yourself for creating something so gorgeous (All pics of Curtis' project are from Apartment Therapy)

Here are some pics of Curtis' entry for Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge:
"Bridgette's Bridge"

Sketch of the mural (all pics of Curtis' entry are from Apartment Therapy

You wanna snoop in his house?  Don't worry, I gotcha.  He is featured on Apartment Therapy's House Tours.  What is even more amazing is that none of his walls are wallpapered - he has painted or crafted all the designs himself.

EasterKiwi was inspired by Scott and Cheryl's DIY and decided to tackle #46 on her list of thing to do to create a gorgeous backdrop for her child's new room.  And she did this when she was 8 months pregnant!  The next time it rains and I'm get too lazy to go out and grab groceries I'll think about her and get my butt into gear.

Here are some pics the wall mural in the Etsy office by Cabin Collective

Check out their youtube video documenting their progress (I love the chilled out music they used - anyone know the artist?):

So, are you inspired, yet????