Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paint by Number Wall Mural

Remember these?

How about this?
Bob Ross Paint by Number Kit - Serious cool factor

Okay, so they aren't the coolest things but you wanna know what is?  Painting by number kits for wall murals.  I would love to borrow a projector and make my own print and trace it on the wall to make a large scale decal of my own.  I got plans, my friend.

It takes a lot of patience but the end result is quite stunning.  Here are a couple of examples from some clever folks.

Scott and Cheryl from Michigan used the projector and transparency method.  They made a colour copy of a painting that they got from ebay on to a transparency and projected the image on their wall.  I can only imagine how hot it must get at times!

Scott from Michigan working dilgently on his wall mural (pictures from Design Sponge)

Yowza!  8 month of hard work certainly paid off.  Nice couch.  (pictures from Design Sponge)

Curtis Robertson has done several of these paint by number kits for his clients and entered one of his designs for the Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge.   Here are some pics of the process:
Start with a grid
Scale the image on the wall and assign the numbers for the colours

Hug yourself for creating something so gorgeous (All pics of Curtis' project are from Apartment Therapy)

Here are some pics of Curtis' entry for Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge:
"Bridgette's Bridge"

Sketch of the mural (all pics of Curtis' entry are from Apartment Therapy

You wanna snoop in his house?  Don't worry, I gotcha.  He is featured on Apartment Therapy's House Tours.  What is even more amazing is that none of his walls are wallpapered - he has painted or crafted all the designs himself.

EasterKiwi was inspired by Scott and Cheryl's DIY and decided to tackle #46 on her list of thing to do to create a gorgeous backdrop for her child's new room.  And she did this when she was 8 months pregnant!  The next time it rains and I'm get too lazy to go out and grab groceries I'll think about her and get my butt into gear.

Here are some pics the wall mural in the Etsy office by Cabin Collective

Check out their youtube video documenting their progress (I love the chilled out music they used - anyone know the artist?):

So, are you inspired, yet????


  1. Oh man, the transparency one is genius.

  2. It sure is - and it actually looks do-able.


    I'd consider doing Bad Day on the High Seas from his paint by number book

  4. IF you do, do it - I would love to help!

  5. Wow! Someone has created their own trademark. Mr. Curtis’ artworks are incredibly fine! The way he constructed these murals were really impressive. From now on, whenever I see a mural that looks like a picture with the amazing ‘paint’ filter effect, I probably won’t have a hard time identifying whose work would that be.

    Clinton Hurlburt

    1. I agree. I have a friend, Sandy Pell, who has created some terrific murals with her own technique for companies like HootSuite and Mobify. Check out her site:

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