I never let lack of funds keep me from getting what I want.  I'd either scour Craigslist or the internet to find what I want for a lower price or I'd make it myself.  This section is a list of some of my DIY projects over the years.  

You can also view some the end results in my photo album, below. 

I'm the DIY Maven
Space Invader Pillows:
Here's some tips on how to make an iron-on decal that work for any simple silhouette on a cushion. 
For the details, check out the link.

Re-designed Wardrobe:
My storage room had looked like a prison for quite some time and I was just so tired of this under utilized space that I needed to make a change.  So, I went from this:

and using this:

Ikea Aneboda Wardrobe
White Contact Paper
Teal Paint

Turned into this:

The peacock feathers are made out of contact paper.  It sure was labour intensive but I saved bundles of money!

Upside - Planters
I finally got to it and made upside down planters for my peppers and tomatos.  It was incredibly easy and all I really needed was an empty paint can, a drill and a pair of scissors or a jigsaw.  This is the end result.

For instructions on how to make these, please visit the original post.


It took me three hours and less than $100 to make this upholstered headboard with tufted details.  I used the tutorial from Young House Love and added some tweaks here and there.  For my tutorial and other pictures, please visit the original post.

Dining Room Chairs


It took two days to complete this project and I had the help of a good friend who watch over the project since it was my first time.  She had given me some great pointers (such as warning me to change my gloves if I had gotten spray adhesive on them).  For full details and how-to instructions, please visit the original post.

Wall Organizers
 I'm a huge fan of the Ikea wall organizers and have used them all over my apartment.  
Spice and Kitchen Utensil Wall Rack
My Sewing Room/ Office
Kitchen Wall Organizer
My Kitchen

Asker Containers
Asker Planters
To find out how to drill through tile and what components I bought please visit the original post.

If you have any DIY projects you'd like to share, please leave me a note!

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