August 2011

So, I just bought a BBQ and had to move everything around.  The tomatoes are finally starting to grow and I'm hoping for 6-8 weeks of sun so they can continue to grow.  Still have problems with lobelias and had to get rid of my purple petunia - I think the root system grew to large for the container.  I had continued difficulty with the lettuce after one month but I think I just needed new ones.

August 2011 - updated photo album

June 2011

On my June 11, 2011 post I gave you an update on the progress of my patio garden.  There have already been a couple of failures but for the most part, I'm happy with what I have.  I bought a euphoria plant and it smells so lovely - just like honey.

I've never had so much colour in my garden - usually, I stick to different tones of greens and yellows - but I can certainly get used to this.

Gardening 2011 - updated photo album

May, 2011

So I started gardening at the beginning of the month.  I attempted to make my own planters.  For the most part, it was easy enough to do.  Check the original post for pics.

It's certainly challenging to garden in a new space when you're so used to a certain lay out.  I've done what I can for now.  I will probably need to get rid of the lanterns as they just seem out of place.  A nice heather bush or multicoloured arrangement would work much better down there.

I will continue to post updates about my garden now and again.  In the mean time, please take a look at the album to keep track of the progress of my patio garden.

Gardening 2011

I love gardening.  I often take solitary field trips to gardens small and large and spend hours discovering and exploring.  It's very overwhelming experience - the colours, the scents, the tactile sensations get processed through my brain to create a kaleidoscope of reactions.

When I bought my first apartment, I had a humongous patio.  It would have been an utter shame to let it go to waste.  During my first year, I feverishly educated myself by reading blogs, attending free seminars at the local nursery and experimented with different combination of plants and seeds.  Even if the plants didn't grow or I committed a huge blunder I won't say that anything I did was a failure.  It was all a learning experience.

Now in my third year of gardening, I have a new space, new exposure and new challenges.  I can't wait to tackle them and share them with you.

Gardening 2010

Gardening 2009

If you have any suggestions or advise, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for sharing!

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