Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Murky stinky gross - ick!

So, a couple of years ago, I was trying to find myself the perfect rug for the pennies that I could afford.  I saw a rug on but they don't ship to Canada!  Blasphemy!

It was more of a lime colour.  In hindsight, I'm glad it didn't work out.

So, instead, I resorted to desperate measures.  I tried to spray paint a pattern on an old, some-what soiled rug.  However, the white didn't show on the rug.  Insanity insued.  I used HOUSE PAINT.  So the rug looked alright but felt like a pumice stone (yet, I will tell you, that with great disappointment it did not leave my feet silky soft).  And now, after two years with all the crud that had gotten stuck to the stiff paint it looks something like this:
 The blurry ghost in the right corner is my boyfriend's lovely thumb.  It looked a lot better with the couch on it but I've given that away to charity.

I was on and saw some uber cute rugs however none of them fit my budget or the space that I'm moving into:

So, the winning rug is (da dadada!!!!!!!)....

Yes, it is from CL and YES! I'm going to dye it yellow.  Apparently you can put fabric dye in a water spraying bottle.  I'm gonna give it a go this weekend.  Pray for me.

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  1. Dying the rug was a failed experiment. The spray bottle didn't spray evenly and instead would periodically spit out large drops of dye. I spent over 4 hours with my Bissel Green Machine (thank goodness I inherited one of those)cleaning up my mess.

    Lesson learned.