Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Okay, I'm a simple girl. Sure, I like me some pretty and sparkly jewels but I'm not Elizabeth Taylor. Geometric shapes and outlines are seen in decor and fashion for a couple seasons now. I'm the type of person who teeters between styles and find myself loving the urban and edgy look but going back to vintage girly girl with a modern twist styles. But what I love about this trend is that it's taking something that usually looks extravagant and makes it modern and simple.

I stumbled across a couple of items that caught my eye that fall within the lines of the geometric outline trend. This a great cushion by graphic designer, Leonora, of Yellow Heart Art. I'm a big fan of her stuff, so check her out! The diamond cushions are terrific.
I'd love to have a large one and several mini ones sitting in a little corner of my home, scattered and spilled out on the floor.

I'm really liking these charms by Geometric Land.  Even though it's an outline of a diamond, the brass takes the preciousness and prissiness away from it.

Diamond Charms - by Geometric Land

The settee and console table designed by American Designer, Darrell Landrum, in the late 40's to 50's has lines that remind me of the geometric setting of a diamond. 

Check out the fun and whimsical store decor of Hansel, a Singaporean womens wear label and their usuage of paper art:

Of course, if someone were to give me the real thing, I wouldn't reject it.  Even it it's the dreaded Marquis/ Pear shaped diamond:

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