Monday, May 14, 2012

The Saguaro Hotel - Palm Springs

I've been visiting Palm Springs every other year since 2008 for Coachella.  Each trip has been unique and amazing.  While driving to finally visit Moorten Botanical Garden, I spotted the most eye catching site in the middle of a dry desert.  Was it a mirage?  I'd never seen this before, and being someone who loves vivid and bright colours, surely this would have been a place that would have been on my must see list.  All I could think about was "What the hell was that!!!  Do my eyes deceive me?"

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
I was so excited to see this array of colours.  It was like light had hit a crystal and all the rays had splashed in every direction.  The colours just make me smile.  I was filled with wonder and I made sure to jot down a note in my iPhone to follow up on this sight.

Turning the Corner, I caught the name of the hotel:
Photo Courtesy of Artisan Events
So, I did a google search to learn more about this mirage like paradise.  It turns out, I've been hiding under a rock because everyone has been talking about this development.  The Sydell Group celebrated the grand opening just in March of 2012, a month before the annual music festival, Coachella, was underway.  Architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat set out to pay hommage to the bright tones and hues of the desert flowers that somehow, in their own miraculous way, survive under the most extreme conditions.

I can barely contain myself when I looked at the different rooms on their website.

pic name pic name
Photos Courtesy of
Oh, and those are just the bedrooms.  You want more - don't worry, I gotcha.  Ladies and Gents, please look to your left and you will see the lobby:
Photos Courtesy of
Please follow me as I take you to take in the wonderful design of the El Jefe dining room, run by Iron Chef Garces.

Photos Courtesy of

And the folks from Artisan Events gave us a grand tour of the Tinto Restaurant.  Check out their amazing pictures:

pic name pic name
All Photos Courtesy of Artisan Events

Please be patient, there is much to see, I don't like to be trampled on.  Finally, ladies and gentlemen, we have the pool:

That concludes the end of this tour.  In lieu of monetary rewards for my terrific service, I do ask that you consider treating me to a one week stay in this cheerful oasis.  Thank you and please come again.


  1. the picture of the Saguaro sign is actually the Saguaro in Scottsdale.

    1. Thanks, so much! I've made the change. The Saguaro in Scottsdale looks amazing, too!