Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gardening, hits and misses

It's been a pretty cold and dreary spring and I'm ever joyful that the sun has finally decided to come out and play.  My garden is coming along quite nicely but it wasn't without a couple of sad failures.

As usual, I get a bit ahead of myself and buy the first basil plants that I see.  Of course, I bought them too early and it was rather cold still and some of them just took a serious beating.

Also, the nerve plant just simply withered and decayed. 

Pretty Nerve Plant
Serious Nerve Plant Fail

Other failures:
mmmmm, basil
ughhh - carnage

Extraordinary Coleus.  Aren't they beautiful????
Absolutely pathetic.  They certainly don't like the wind.

But enough of my failures, let's talk about what's working.  Petunias.  Seriously.  They are growing like crazy.  It's pretty obvious where the best sun is because the planters in the centre of the patio rails are flourishing like you wouldn't believe.

Picture taken the last week of May
Picture taken on June 11

This happened with no plant food and minimal watering.

Also worth noting, the planter box of petunias and impatients:

Amazing - taken June 2011
Pic taken end of May

Here are a couple new pics from my garden:

For pics to Gardening 2011, please check the photo album link.

Coming soon - Pics from my little trip to Art Knapp and Figaro's Garden.

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