Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Australian Online Decor Magazines

I wanted to do a post on my favourite online home decor and lifestyle magazines but there's just too many out there.  It took me a while to hop on to the online magazine habit.  I have sadly watched many paper mags go out of print (Domino, Blueprint, Chocolat) and have less room to store new issues; I see these versions as a great alternative.  I find I get the same "high" reading the online mags as I did with the paper ones.

So I'll start my gushing by talking about two from Australia.

Adore Magazine was founded in 2010 by Loni Parker, a graphic designer who hails from Brisbane.  This issue features one of my "I-wish-I-could-go-there" stores, Black and Spiro.  Going through these pages, I was just breathless with excitement.  It's almost heartbreaking how wonderful it all is:

Adore Magazine - June/ July Issue

Let's take a peak, shall we?
Excuse me, I need to wipe some drool off my chin.  They also have a terrific blog called Adore Home that certainly echoes the same tone that is set my their magazine.

Next up?!  How about Ivy and Piper?! Founded by two interior designers who met in design school, the two individuals merged their creativity by sharing their passion for modern vintage esthetic.  Melanie and Elizabeth bring the glamour to the forefront and entice the reader to add a little colour and fantasy into their home.

Ivy & Piper - June/ July issue

My absolute favourites are Jason Grant and his love for the Boston Terrier, Greg Natale's NSW Southern Highland dream home, and interior designer, Caitlin Wilson.

All I can say is *sign*.


  1. I didn't know about Ivy & Piper, thanks for sharing!

    Morgan @

  2. no problem! What online mags do you read?