Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suffering from "Iwantitdonenow-itis"

I'm still on the hunt for more artwork.  As mentioned in my previous post, I'm wondering if I should just wait and pick up something on a road trip.  I'm planning to go to Portland this summer which really isn't that far away.  I suffer from the syndrome "Iwantitdonenow-itis".

I often worry that my need to get things done supersedes my need for my things to have meaning.  Patience has never been my virtue.  This poster speaks to me (in a Barry White-like voice):

The only reason why I didn't get this print by Recovering Lazyholic is that it would have just made feel too guilty every time I looked at it.  Since I'm talking about Erin Hanson's work, here's another piece that I love:


What?  You like Erin Hanson's stuff, too? Check out the etsy store, then, my friend!

If I hadn't gotten this print by Claire Ingram:

I would have purchased this print:
Wayne Pate's work is really adorable.  I'm certainly going to keep my eyes open for anything new that comes up.

I also contemplated the purchase of this fine piece:

but realized that it was going to be too large for the wall it would be living on.  I'll probably look for smaller prints (or postcards) and put them in large white frames.  This print just doesn't have the same effect when it's is in postcard form.  It sort of reminds me of being a kid playing cats in the cradle.  I sucked at that game.  I'd pull the same moves over and over again until my opponent would finally say "I'm bored" and I would win by default.  Clever clever!


  1. I like that last print with the hands! The bath tub move in cat's cradle was the real ace up the sleeve - pinky's and all!

  2. I ended up buying that print in the small card size. I'm going to put it in large frames so that there's lots of white space around it.