Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sun in the sky and my wardrobe

I crave the sun and colour.  My apartment is full of colour:  yellow, pink and lime green.  What I can't get out there (points at the window where grayness scowls at me) I get in my sanctuary.  I noticed that my wardrobe is full of more and more neutrals, which wasn't the case a couple of seasons ago.  I like colour.  I'm really into silk knits and draped silhouettes and those garments tend come in neutrals but I'm on the hunt for some bold pieces that will stand out.  I want pinks, corals and kelly greens in my closet.  But not yellow or orange.  I'll just look like I have malaria or jaundice.  This Chinese girl ain't got no right wearing stuff from that part of the colour wheel.

Colour makes me excited.  It creates a reaction.  It inspires.  Seeing colour jolts my brain into visualizing a whole scene.  When I see the generous or purposeful use of colour in one's home, my immediate thought is that this is a home where a lot of life and happiness exists.

(I was going to post up some red wired chairs that looked liked the Bertoia's but with a bit of a twist - but do you think I could find it????  Nope, Nada.)

See more from Dalistigen

Alicante, Spain, 2008 - Annual Public Art Exhibition

Seeing Jenna Lyon's home was one of those A-Ha! moments.  I realized that I didn't like things from "Town and Country" and splashes of colour against a modern backdrop make me jumping for joy.  Colour, a bit of fun, quirkiness and whim keeps me inspired and lights up my day:

Last but not least - and probably a bit random, I feel that my salad deserves some mention just because it looks pretty:

Baby spinach, red sweet pepper, grape tomatoes, roasted kale with chili and smoked paprika, dill, roasted soy beans and a couple of squirts of lime.  Yum!

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