Monday, February 28, 2011

Sometimes it tastes better than it smells

This is often the case with food - especially "ethnic" food. I spent most of the weekend eating delicious stinky food. Salted fish in fried rice, which smells oh-so-offensive, made me squeal in delight. While on my own, watching Rupaul's Drag Race, I ate two cans of canned smoked herring.

Oh my walk back home, with three large bags of groceries in tow, I sniffed around and felt very irritated that someone had puked in the elevator lobby. However, as my olfactory continued to be assaulted by such horrors, I realized the smell was coming from me! The lid from the goat feta had come off and the cheese water spilled all over the groceries in the bag. Luckily - nothing got on me. Those three blocks home felt like 5 miles.

As I am typing this, I am eating that stinky feta with beets and dill. My office is a kaleidoscope of smells. I had a smoked salmon panini just seconds ago. But I'm cool - I closed me door.

Browsing around on my lunch break I came across this adorable, sunny (none stinky) pattern from the Orla Kiely website.

I am going to try to find away to incorporate something similar to frame the wall of windows in my apartment. Time to do more scouring.

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  1. This print is on the brink of curry couch, but in a good way.