Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I want it all!

Okay... well, at least everything from the A+R Global Design online store.  I'm not sure how they did it but some how they were able to implant a small chip in my brain that sends them the ideas that are on my wish list.  They have seriously strong powers.

Here are a couple of my favourites:
 I'm going to get about 4 or five Greenbo's railing/ balcony planters ($24) - they're perfect space savers for someone with limited space.  Just looking at these makes me excited for the up and coming gardening season.  Yippeeee!

The Themis mobile ($27) was featured in one of the recent Lucky Magazine issues.  I've been tempted to buy it but don't have a place for this lovely trinket.

 Seriously, how cute are the Paper Boat Serving Set ($16-58)?  It isn't fair that I can't own every single thing that I see and love.

 TheDesile folding chair is just a really cool piece.  If you live in an apartment/ condo like I do, space saving solutions are a must.  But at $335 a pop, I just can't make it happen (weep, weep).

Maternal Dilemma card - karakuri model ($16)

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