Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have succumbed

I do worry that my place is starting to look a bit juvenile but I think over time, once I have time and money to travel again, my walls and surfaces will be filled with little knick knacks from my various adventures.  There's just a lot of cute things here and there - I don't want for it to look like a spread from teen vogue!

That being said - I am now focusing on artwork in my home.  I find myself gravitating towards grey scale photos with graphic designs. 

The other day I had talked the serious condition that I suffer from. Iwantitnowitis bit me again and I ended up buying this print by Casey Ongren in the small card size.  I wanted to get the large print but felt that the graphic design might be too strong for my home.  It's gorgeous though - It's so interesting to look at.

I bought another print today. This is the second print I have bought off of the Urban Outfitters/ Society6 print shop.

    "Conjurers" By Nicholas Tassone

But I'm a big fan of this artist's work.  I'm hoping to buy more in the future.  There's something sweet about this picture. I'm not sure what these people will end up doing with the ball of energy and colour.  Maybe they're taking their cues from this film:

 I only watched this film once and I remembered that Joan Allen was the only good thing about it.  There was a big cheese factor and horribly predictable.

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