Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm an organization freak

Okay.  My name is Pam and I'm an organization addict.  Everything in my home has to have it's own home.  So lately, my storage spaces are driving me crazy and when this happens it can only mean one thing:  project time.

I love the Ikea kitchen organizers.  Moving to my new apartment, I had to deal with less storage space for all my spices, kitchen stuffs, junk food, liquor... all the important stuff.  So, I installed the bygel system; of course, it's already filled up (my apologies for the terrible iphone picture - I haven't used my camera since I moved):

My kitchen lacks personality.  It lacks it in a big, blank, way.  There's no room for anything new so it's time to change things up to make use of the wall space.  I'm going to install a couple of Grundtal kitchen organizers. 

Here is the current situation:
Talk about a serious snore fest.  Don't laugh, I did this plan on MS Paint because that's all I had at work:

Here's some inspiration from other smarty pants:

Yiming's kitchen presented by the lovely folks at Apartment Therapy

So clean and simple, yet practical. I love the blue accents (Darling Dexter's Savannah home - love love love!)

I would also like to get a couple of these vintage Pyrex bowls but there's no way I'm paying 50 bux for each one.  One day, while I'm scouring the shelves at Value Village the thrift fairies will bring them to me.  It will happen.  Oh yes, it will happen.

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