Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Save Sadako

When I was a kid, the story of Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes put me into an origami frenzy.  To this day, I have an affinity for folded art pieces.  There's something about their crisp, clean lines and how simple it all is.  Yet, it looks complicated, well thought out - well executed. 

So, as an homage to something that brought me so much delight as child, it was only natural to incorporate it in my own home:

My bedroom in my Brentwood Park apartment

The crane decals are from a Vancouver based studio called Surface Collective.  I've bought these decals twice, now, as I wanted the same design scheme in my new home.

Pictures from Surface Collective

Japanese culture has always fascinated me.  I studied the Japanese Language well into University (but I've probably forgotten 90% of it).  The recent and ongoing tragedies in Japan are heart breaking.  They've handled it with great dignity and the world has been watching along - wishing they could do more but doing as much as they can.

I was just about to purchase a new piece from Society6 for my apartment when I decided to "follow" some of the artists whose work I have on my walls.  I stumbled across this beautiful piece by Claire Ingram:

Ganbare (Don't Give Up)- Claire Ingram

All proceeds go to directly to the Red Cross relief fund for Japan. 

There is no beauty tragedy - the beauty is in empathy and hope.



  1. I read that book too and have been in love with Japan and origami since <3 i also love that you're spreading ways to help Japan!

  2. I think it's wonderful how much people have come together to find ways to raise money to help.