Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hands to Hold

Back in February, I had posted about some artwork I had been wanting to buy.  I ended up buying Casey Ohngren's "Holding Hands" 2n1 card and placed it in a small frame.

Casey is an apparel, graphic, textile design + illustration guru based out of Portland, Oregon.  You can learn more about her and her designs on her website.


Due to circumstances out of Casey's control the delivery of the card was delayed.  Instead of just shrugging her shoulders she offered to send me two extra cards.  Two!  I was so delighted with her thoughtfulness.  These cards and designed in a way where you really can't help but continue deliberate acts of kindness.  What is a 2-IN-ONE Card?


"Bonus print on back side of card + perforation allows you to transform this into 2 postcards or use as a regular card.

Keep one for you and send the other as a postcard, send to 2 friends, or send as a regular card and let your friend pay it forward!"

So I'd like to play it forward as well.  If you'd like my extra card, the first one to claim in by making a comment on this post gets it!

Thanks, Casey!


  1. Oh, its beautiful. I want please.
    <3 Maryna.

  2. Yay! Maryna gets it! I'll send you a msg to get it to you.

    It is really gorgeous.

  3. Yepee, YAY. I got up from my nap just to make a post, as I loved the print.

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