Sunday, April 3, 2011


My current view include the Westside of Vancouver and False Creek, as well as BC Place which is looking like it got hit by a bomb as they undergoing a major facelift to install the retractable roof:

There's something about the current structure of B.C. place that reminds me of that baby/ spider toy in Sid's room from Toy Story 1:

Ack!!!!!  That scene was frightening yet made me laugh at the same time. 

At night there are still crew members diligently working away with their torches - making sparks that create a light so unexpectedly bright that I'm told it would be damaging to the eyes if I were to stare too long.  Oh... that was the perfect opportunity to insert a cheezy line - I'll spare the world.

I am also happy to say that I have taken decisive action against the "Kitchen with no Personality".  I literally look at my kitchen and smile silently because it belongs.  It looks right.  

Here is what the kitchen looked like before the mini make over:

Here are a couple of pics of the cheery and organized space.  It's a amazing what a couple of shelves can do.

Items used:  Bekvam shelves, bygel rail and "s" hooks, Asker containers, Grundtal S hooks (all by Ikea).  *sigh* and *smile*  Happiness is mine.

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