Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cornucopia 2011 - Whistler - Masquerave

Photo Courtesy of Spectacular Link

The Masquerave is THE after party to go to if you attended Whistler's 2011 Cornucopia.  It's been five years since Whistler hosted this event and it was on everyone's lips as the most anticipated event of the celebration of wine and food.  Taking place at the Bearfoot Bistro, owner André Saint-Jacques re-imagined this event as a benefit party for ONE DROP, an initiative of Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil.

This event is hosted by a long list that reads as the who's who of chefs.  From Vancouver to Montreal, each chef and team invite the guest to try their newest creations and learn more about their expert skills.  The list of culinary celebrities aim to temp the guests are:
-'C's Rob Clarke
-Gord Martin from Bin 941 and Go Fish
-Cioppino's Pino Posterero
-Hidekazu Tojo's from Tojo's restaurant
-Jason Labahn from Black + Blue
-Pedro Gonzalez from Coast
-François Blais from Bistro B
-Jean-Luc Boulay from Le Saint-Amour
-Jérôme Ferrer from Europea Restaurant
-Laurent Godbout from Chez L'Epicier
-"Oyster Bob" from Joe Forte's in Vancouver. 

Trying to keep Jean-Luc Boulay's treats to myself
Ice wine filled frozen meringue prepared in liquid nitrogen
I am being fed breaded sheep testicles.  Really.

This event is a feast for all the senses as your eyes are entertained by the glitziness of the event, the scantily clad burlesque dancers and models and dancers dressed only in body paint and colour displays of culinary delights.  Even the ice sculptures have vodka running through their delicate "tunnels".  

This event is a perfect combination of eroticism, music, food and wine.  Rest assured I will be making this an annual event!
Photo Courtesy of One Drop

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