Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slip cover for the sofa bed

I've always envied people with lovely couches.  I seem attracted to clean lines, simple tuft detailing and white leather.  Unfortunately, I have a billion other things that need immediate attention and funds and most of the couches that I've seen are just a bit too big for my little home.

I wanted a couch that folded down so that I could accommodate guests and there weren't a whole lot on the market that fit my budget, apartment and style aesthetic. So I found a cheap little sofa bed that was about 64" long and folded down to the size of a double mattress.  But alas, it was a horrid color and I pursued the labourous task of making a slip cover.  I wanted to create tuft detailing so I stitched a grid like pattern and then sewed leather covered buttons in a pattern.  But it was huge fail.  Instead of puckering and creating a luxurious effect, the buttons just sat on the top and were incredibly uncomfortable to lean against.  So - I scratched that detail.  Sometimes, things don't turn out the way you want it to but you take it as a learning experience.

The sleeper sofa that I bought is the same one seen here in black and I bought it for a $99 which was a ridiculous steal:
Here is a picture of the couch with the cover in my old apartment:

Yuck, you can see the boxes in the corner as I was preparing to move to my downtown apartment.

In this picture of the couch in my new apartment, can see by the bunching of the slip cover, it isn't my best work.

What would you recommend for a couch that is less than 68" long?  It doesn't have to be a sofa bed.  CB2 and West Elm have had some great apartment sized couches for the budget conscious.  I'll visit this topic in the future.


  1. its a good value for money but again what u get is what u pay for.

    so don't have high hopes.

  2. I ordered this small sofa as something to use until I moved into a more permanent home with more permanent furniture. For the price I got what I wanted. It is a cute couch and a good deal since it comes with an ottoman as well. It is not grey though, more like blue, but a nice blue.

    It's cheaply made but really not that bad...the cushions need to be broken in.

    Putting it together took approximately an hour but a couple parts weren't perfect fits and I had to put a hole through it to make it fit with the chaise on the left side (right side when looking at it).

    1. You wouldn't believe it but I still have this futon! I've reupholstered it one more time (did a much better job this time) but this is def. the year that I buy a grown up couch. How has your couch held up so far, Becc?