Friday, January 20, 2012

Adorable Paper Models - Papercrafts

Oh - how I wish I bought that paper model craft of the scooter that I saw at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Now I see cute paper model crafts, everywhere!

So, I just saw this terrific set of paper model towns by papierowemiasto that are inspired by a small town in Poland.  This set is only available in Europe so we'll have to settle with enjoying it visually:

I bought the Themis Mobile after drooling over it for months and finally found it at one of my favourite shops, Vancouver Special.  I first saw it in Lucky Magazine a couple of years ago and then went on a hunt to find something similar.  Leave it to one of my favourite shops to carry this wonderful piece by Artecnica.  Even though I knew that I didn't have a proper home for it, I bought it anyways just in case I change it up in my apartment.
Photo Courtesy of the MOMA Store

 So how about we do a little roll call to bring some attention to some other eye catching paper model and crafts:

Can you believe this is a paper model of the Audi A7? I guess this is the only way I could fit it into my budget!
Nicol and Felix by Spanish designer Perro Loco
Shinkansen (Train) Town by Sanrio - link to the templates

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