Monday, April 4, 2011

The weather outside is frightful....

You know the next line - come on, now.  Yes, it snowed about 30 miles away from my apartment.  Granted, it snowed on a mini mountain but still, it snowed.  It snowed while I was dreaming about my patio garden.  I.was.crushed.

As much as love pretty things, I love practical things, as well.  This statement is strongest when I am discussing my patio garden - which at the moment is rather bare.  Over the years, I have been toying with the idea of getting the ugliest thing in the whole entire world:

Ooooooo, Girl!  That thing is ugly.  Can you imagine it in my patio garden (pic taken at my old place)?:

But the Topsy Turvy works.  I'm going to make a couple of my own instead, which, apparently, is not hard to do.  DIY Maven has some easy to follow steps that I'm sure will lead to my success in grown the WORLDS-GREATEST-TOMATOES-PERIOD! Yes, I am very enthused.

I'd also like to grow some herbs indoors using this same method. The Boskke Sky planters are just stunning and I would love to grow some basil and parsley indoors but the pots are just too pricey for me, especially if I am to consider how much it would cost to ship.  I am also unsure about poking holes into my ceiling so I think I might attaching some type of hook-like apparatus on the wall seen on this pic:

Here's a pic of the Boskke Sky Planters:

Chilly spring be damned - last year was a terrible spring/ summer for gardening and I had the most lush garden, ever.  I will be surrounded by a jungle of herbs and flora.  I show 'em.  I show 'em all.


  1. I LOVE those upside down planters!!! seen em before and can't wait to get some for my new place too :)

  2. They're selling them at Nood right now:

    Page 6 of their catalog. I still can't justify spending that much on planters when there seems to be tons of online "how-to's" to make your own. I'm going to start making them this weekend.