Thursday, September 8, 2011

Girls Who Wine - Okanagan, Part 1

"Wine for breakfast..."
                   -me at 9:30 am

"We're just beginning to get amped up"
                   -Katie aka Princess in Training

Song on my mind for our full day of wine tasting:

Princess in Training and I braved the dark and winding road to Penticton, one of the several cities in the Okanagan region - also known as wine country of Canada.  We finally rolled up to the city at about 1 am after over 4 hours of driving and the place looked like a ghost town.  This is a city that is synonmous with fantastic gong shows from the college days but even the club was closed.  But a quiet night proved perfect for the full day of wine tasting we had set up the next day.

Photo Courtesy of Stefanie
First up, Sleepy Giant Fruit Winery.  Specializing in fruit wines they offer a product that are far better and less sugary than liqueurs.   We were only scheduled to try about 5 tastings but we won them over with our early morning giggles and enthusiasm (for wine and social media) and tried 7 wines.  Made from 100% dried fruit these fruit wines would be great as a dessert, in a cocktail or even in salad dressings or other sauces.  Here are some highlights:
Photos Courtesy of Katie aka Princess in Training
Cherry:  I loved this one.  I could imagine this in a sauce over beef or duck (yummmmm) or with a delicious dark chocolate lava cake.  It had just a bit tartness to remind you that it came from actual fruit.

Blueberry:  My favourite.  Would be great as a salad dressing over spinach and feta with a couple of roasted pumpkin seeds.  I tried it in a martini and it was so good I forgot I was drinking alcohol (not a good thing!)

So, I bought one bottle of the Blueberry wine and opened it that night to try.  Tasty, very very tasty.

Next up, our day at Dirty Laundry.

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