Monday, September 26, 2011

News Flash - Style in San Francisco

Even before I stepped off the plan to meet the lovely folks from the Bay Area, I did my research because I thought that my trip to SF was a perfect opportunity to meet and talk to fellow bloggers.  They were a great source of inspiration and pointed me in the right direction to the best shops.

One such person is Laura, San Francisco's fashionista.  A self confessed fashion fanatic, Laura's popular blog "On the Racks" documents her love of her city and fashion.  She recently hosted the Teen Vogue Blogger Event and has been featured in magazines such as Glamour and Nylon magazine.

Laura in Downtown San Francisco - check out the installation in the background and the purse on her shoulder.  

Laura's style is without fuss but still garnishes lots of attention.  Mixing West Coast Cool with New York Chic, she accents her outfits with the perfect accessories and pops of colour.  Laura took some time before her trip to Chicago to answer a couple of questions:

1.   Three words that describe you.
Silly, friendly, fashion-obsessed

2.   Three words that describe your blog.
Eclectic,  lighthearted, visual

3.   Three words that describe San Francisco.
Diverse, Artistic, Cold!
4.   I’m visiting San Fran at the end of the month and you’ve given me some great advice on some places to visit.  What are some must sees for fashionistas?
Head to the Mission for great vintage/thrift shopping. A couple of stores I love in my neighborhood are LF and My Roommate’s Closet. For vintage furniture, Past Perfect and Leftovers are great! 
5.   What inspires you these days?  Did you see anything inspiring, today?
I find inspiration all over – I love reading fashion and design magazines, and reading lots of style blogs.

6.   What are some trends for Fall 2011?  Is there something anything in particular that you’re dying to get your hands on? 
I think the 70’s inspired vibe will stick around for a while, which I am excited about. Also loving tailored, high-wasted pants and of course chunky knit sweaters for fall. 

7.   Name some people who have inspired you and influenced your style.    What is about these individual(s) that helps move you in a certain direction?
Some of my “style icons” include Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins! I love how creative and edgy they all are – they do things differently. I like that.  

8.   I can only imagine how much clothing, accessories and shoes you must have.  How do you organize it all?  Do you have any advice for people whose wardrobes are full of lovely clothes that are housed in very sad conditions?
It is difficult to keep organized, and I must confess, I am not always great about it. I have a pretty small closet and a lot of things I have collected over the years! I think having storage space is important – those under the bed/couch/etc. bins are great for putting aside your off-season items.

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Check out Laura's blog about style and substance in San Francisco:!/OnTheRacks

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  1. Thanks SO much for the feature!! Had so much fun answering these questions! Wish we could have met up while you were in SF. Looks like you had a great time. <3

    xx L

  2. I had a terrific time. I hope to visit SF, again, soon - so maybe sometime in the future we can meet up and gab about fashion and your city!