Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog Binge! - Drapes and Valances/ Pelmet

All this talk about bold patterned fabric makes me want to go out and make drapes, again.  Problem is, I have this fear that it will make my room look smaller - it's mini, as it is.  I was thinking about adding white drapes with a bright yellow border with a matching pelmet/ valance.

When the word "valance" comes up, this is what most people envision:
Please make it stop!!!!!!!

Sorry for blinding you with those samples.  Valances aren't all bad.  So here's what I REALLY had in mind. Through my research, I came across The Little Green Notebook, who has a great DIY tutorial on how she made her pelmets.

How can you not love this room!!!!!!!  By the way, this room is the DIY mecca.

Here are some more examples of pelmets:

pic name
Glue Gun Crafts
pic name
Apartment Therapy

pic name
Saved by Suzy

What do you think, worth the time or not?


  1. These are cute, I've been looking for valances.

  2. Hi Cat Ray - are you going to try to make them or buy them? The tutorials from Little Green Notebook seem do-able.