Monday, August 15, 2011

Topan Panton Lamps

Verner Panton (February 13, 1926 - September 5, 1998) was one cool dude.    His unconventional style took the world by storm and is considered one Denmark's good ol' wise ones with regards to 20th century furniture and design.

Lately, I've had my eyes on the Topan lamps.  The simplicity of the shape allows me to appreciate the brightness of the colours and the way the light bounces off the sheen of the paint:

Courtesy of DesignSponge
Courtesy of Design Shop

Courtesy of Achica

I've been thinking about changing my kitchen lamp with the yellow Topan Lamp.  It's all very very temping.  Although, the blue ones are quite pretty but don't fit into the colour scheme of my home.

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