Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up and Coming Project - Sticky Note Wall Mural for Galaxion

I've received my first "commission'.  I'll be making a sticky note wall mural for my bf's ode to video games and music. His labour of love is called Galaxion, where he turns a night club into an arcade.  People do a little dance to the handsome DJ's tunes, have a couple of drinks (or several - if you're so inclined), play some games and talk some trash (while getting trashed - HAR HAR, I kill me!).

What to expect:  Vintage arcade games, cool chicks and dudes, 80s Pop, New Wave, Punk, Retro Electro,   Old School, the occasional 8-bit and 80s inspired faves

Where:  Club 23
When:   September 17th
Time:    9:00 pm - 3:00 am
Cost:     Free before 10 pm, $8 thereafter

Join the group to learn more:  Galaxion Facebook Page

So I have to come up with some ideas for this wall.  Since the theme of the night is racing (they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Outrun) I should do something similar to the event poster.  Here are some pics from some of the previous nites:

Me and Trish @ Galaxion - Turning Japanese Edition.  Me in my Harajuku Girl meets Minnie Mouse outfit.

Me and DJ Manos (BF) at the Galaxion - Computer Blue, Tribute to Prince Edition

See ya there!

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  1. This project is going to postponed until the next Galxaxion event.