Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post It Note Murals

I've been getting so inspired by wall art, lately.  As I was lookie looing here and there I stumbled across this image and was amazed to find out that it was made completely by Post It Notes:

A wall filled with Post-it notes at Valtech - Photo by Peter Hellberg

Sure, this won't last forever and the colour will fade but it sure is a fun way to create your own pop art. 

This pic is from a couple years back in 2007.  Post Typography's Bruce Willen designed and completed this project for Metropolis Magazine's HOME Exhibition along with a small number of graphic design firms to create art out of every day products.
Courtesy of Shelterpop

The Students at Apex Art School in North Carolina created several murals of celebrities and movie characters which adorned the walls of their hallways.  They've also included a "how-to" guide for all of you who are curious.

All photos courtesy of Apex High School Blog
I love this patchwork post it note "wall quilt".  Artist Adrian Wallett requested that his fellow artists from around the globe send him a little trinket in the form of some art on a sticky note and put them together as one large piece.
Courtesy of Bella DeChanel's Photo Stream
I found this picture in my search and I wonder if they actually used his art display as an album cover or if this is just a photoshop pic.  Either way, it's pretty cool.
Many of the artists who contributed to this art display are part of a PINAP - Post it Note Art Posse.  More about this group on a later date.
All pictures from Apex High school

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