Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missoni for Target

I love Missoni.  I vow one of these days, I will own a Missoni piece.  On September 13th, Target will unlock the vault so that eager shoppers can get their hands on the products that the house of Missoni has designed for them.  Why oh why can't Target bump the release to August 26 so that it will coincide with my trip to San Fransisco?  Don't they know that the world needs me to own something by Missoni????

From what I've seen in the sneak peaks, the collection stays true to what Missoni is known for:  warm tones that remind you of a sunset hiding behind the peaks of sand covered mountains.  When I see a Missoni print I immediately picture the bohemian socialite whom is the muse of every man in the room and the envy of eyes that are a fixed on her from near and far.

Courtesy of Fashionologie

From the August 2011 edition of Vogue

Wool Gathering and Miscellany
Dolled Uptown Dressed Downtown

THIS is the piece that I'm going gaga over:
Wool Gathering and Miscellany

While I am jetting setting around the world, I can carry these with me:

Courtesy of Hearty Magazine

Courtesy of Mosa Muse
Courtesy of Life Vision Style

And I would not complain if someone bestowed upon me the following trinkets as gifts to sprinkle around my home.  I would not complain one bit:

Courtesy of Fab Sugar
Courtesy of Life is Reed-iculous
Insert sighs *here*

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