Monday, August 22, 2011

Airstreams and Caravans - travelling in retro style

I am not a huge 'road trip' type of gal.  I've gone camping plenty of times and I drove 90% of the way to San Fran once (never, again).  I certainly don't like to rough it.  However....

Lately, all I see are these cool little airstreams, all decked out or luxed out.  I could certainly do a road trip if I was set up in one of these guys.  It reminds me of a Faberge egg.

mmmmm, a bit gaudy, no????

Curb Service

One of my favourite re-do's is the Curb Service Airstream for the terrific boutique, Adelante, in Austin Texas.  You can book them for your special event and sip on drinks while doing a little shopping with friends. This would be like a little dream come true for me. The online store is also spectacular.

In keeping with their retro style and love for vintage decor, the Curb Service Airstream is fitted with bright colours and maximizes the space in every way possible.

I should also mention the little cutie named "Constance". Loved and owned by Lucy and Steven Lord of Snail Trail Campervans, this 1957 VW Sprint Caravan is decorated with girlishness and retro love.  Strawberry Shortcake would love to live in these digs.

'Constance' - Courtesy of Piccadilly Market
Courtesy of Ink Caravan
Courtesy of Bliss in Images

Courtesy of Ink Caravan


  1. Faberge egg = reincarnation of Liberace!

  2. Yes! We would need a fancy rack for our bikes, wine and clothing. Oh... the art of editing.